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about the presentation

"Don't Find Excuses To Fail,
Look For Reasons To Succeed!"

With a unique and captivating way of presenting, Suavé starts most of his presentations with an exercise in confidence. Members of the audience are asked who can dance and at what level they think their dance abilities are. Most typically say they are not very good dancers.


He then invites the "bad" dancers to the floor to learn a short and simple choreographed set of dance moves. Upon learning these moves with Suavé's instruction, the dancers on the floor quickly realize that through instruction they are able to dance in unison with each other without being made to feel embarrassed or bad about themselves. This, in essence, is a confidence boost in front of their peers.

The overlying message of that exercise is, ANYONE can dance with a little instruction and confidence. Suavé is able to point out that there's no such thing as a bad dancer. 


The exercise in confidence seamlessly transitions into Suavé telling some of his own impactful stories that can lead to any of the topics listed below or a topic the client wants Suavé to deliver. All of the topics Suavé speaks on are all things he has personally been through, starting as a young boy in England with a speech impediment to becoming a successful entrepreneur who works with youths and adults.

Below are some examples of the subjects Suavé can speak on:

  • Accountability

  • Confidence

  • Education is Fundamental

  • Focus

  • Goals and How To Achieve Them

  • Integrity

  • Positive Mindsets

  • Peer Pressure and Not Giving In To It

  • Persevering Through Adversity

  • Recognizing and Changing Bad Habits

  • Respecting Others

  • Social Media Influences

  • Staying Away From Drugs

  • Teamwork and The Importance Of It

  • Working Through Life's Challenges

Suavé has become a highly sought-after motivational presenter with REAL life experiences and REAL life stories that will inspire youth and adults alike. Be prepared for messages that will surely impact, captivate, and inspire the audience he speaks to.

Post Presentation

POST presentation

What makes Suave different from other motivational speakers? Accountability! With so many motivational speakers with many good messages, how do you make sure your audience retains the information provided and remain motivated? 

During the year, Suavé will send Accountability Worksheets for the attendees to fill out. These are self-assessment sheets that will be reminders of what was spoken about during the presentation. The aim is to keep all those who were in attendance motivated and inspired,    

The worksheet will be tailored to each presentation and to every age level of attendee. Our aim is to help everyone who was at the presentation to BE 
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