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"It's Not About Who You Beat,
It's About Who You Inspire"

Coming from London, England, Suavé is a Motivational Speaker who has captivated audiences around the world through his inspirational messages that range from building self-confidence, to educating youths who will be our future leaders, and equipping CEO's, teachers and coaches with the necessary tools to become effective leaders.

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After attaining his diploma after college, Suavé made a bold move to America landing at Chicago O'Hare airport with nothing but a suitcase, a backpack and $300 in travelers checks with no place to go. After floating around sleeping on people's sofas and floors, and bouncing around from place to place, he established himself as a dancer, DJ and emcee for special events in the entertainment industry. This led him to other opportunities in the dance world where he honed his skills as a professional dance teacher, and ultimately a dance studio owner.

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Suavé's love of inspiring kids led him to create what is now known as one of the top hip hop dance companies in the country, Hip Hop ConnXion, centered around creating a safe space for youths to dance and become more proficient at hip hop/street dance.

As an NFP company, the Hip Hop ConnXion has traveled around the world inspiring people of all ages through the mission statement, "Our Future Is Here Today" which highlights the importance of educating the children of today as they will be our leaders of tomorrow.


Suavé has worked with multiple government agencies with their after-school programs such as D.A.R.E and the DEA. Having trained with both organizations, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge centered around keeping kids safe and the importance of not giving in to peer pressure, and the negative effects of drug use. Suavé also sits on the Board of a national organization named NEAMA (Nonprofit Education and Advocacy for the Movement Arts) which supports safer and healthier practices in the movement arts to help prevent abuse in the industry. NEAMA is also centered on safeguarding and supporting the physical, psychological, and sexual wellness of youth and adults.

Through every HHC after-school event, and seeing the power of influence he had, Suavé decided to focus more on the motivational aspect of his mission which eventually led him to speak at venues around the country and the world at multiple schools and universities.


Having inspired tens of thousands across the globe, Suavé has become a pied piper to many who listen to his words and an inspiration to leaders and teachers wherever he speaks. He has taken his entrepreneurship to different heights as a producer of stage shows, performance coach to actors and recording artists, choreographing and personally acting in movies and music videos, and founder of his own nationwide In-Studio hip hop dance convention. Suavé is dedicated to changing one mindset at a time through teaching invaluable life lessons

Who would have guessed the kid with the bad stutter at school would ever become a motivational speaker? Suavé did. Never giving up on his goals and dreams, every new turn has taken him to an unexpected life of inspiration. He has proved that anyone with challenges can become anything they put their mind to with enough confidence and hard work. This is one of the many messages Suavé speaks on during his presentation. His story isn't one of theatre and drama. It's one of reality that many can relate to on a basic down-to-earth level. 

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